• Even Half Worn Tires May Riskier Than you Think!

    Tuesday 21 February 2017

    Consumer Reports found that even tires with half of their remaining tread intact can still lose their footing, especially in foul-weather. Naturally, tires lose their ability to grip the road in wet weather as the rubber wears away. The lower the thickness of rubber, the more likely they are to lose their footing. However, tests are finding that tread can give up a significant amount of grip even when it’s still at its halfway point. Half-worn tires can be treach... read more

  • Did This Light Pop Up On Your Dash Recently?

    Tuesday 29 November 2016

       The light indicates a low air pressure in one or more (including your spare) of your tires. Recently temperatures have dropped at night causing the air in your tires to contract, lowering the tire pressure. If the pressure lowers enough, it will trigger the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to turn on the light alerting you to have them checked. Make sure you’re driving on the safest tires regardless of any temperature changes by letting Camarillo Car Care... read more

  • Back To School Safety Tips

    Tuesday 20 September 2016

    Slow Down: Back to School Means Sharing the Road School days bring congestion: Yellow school buses are picking up their charges, kids on bikes are hurrying to get to school before the bell rings, harried parents are trying to drop their kids off before work. It's never more important for drivers to slow down and pay attention than when kids are present – especially before and after school. If You're Dropping Off Schools often have very specific drop-off p... read more

  • What Three Automobile Services Do Most Motorist Know They Need to Keep Their Vehicles on the Road?

    Wednesday 18 May 2016

    What Three Automobile Services Do Most Motorists Know They Need to Keep Their Vehicles on the Road? You guessed correctly if you said Oil Changes, Brakes, and Tires. Of course, there are a slew of other systems that need inspections and servicing throughout your vehicle’s life. However, these three servic... read more

  • How Often Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

    Monday 07 December 2015

    Blurred vision from worn wiper blades. Whether or not you use them frequently, you should be replacing wiper blades with some regularity. Over time the blade wears down, making it less effective at clearing your windshield leaving those undesired streaks right where you need to see out the most. It’s important to remember that effective windshield wipers are a vital safety... read more

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