What Three Automobile Services Do Most Motorist Know They Need to Keep Their Vehicles on the Road?

What Three Automobile Services Do Most Motorists Know They Need to Keep Their Vehicles on the Road?

Oil Change

You guessed correctly if you said Oil Changes, Brakes, and Tires. Of course, there are a slew of other systems that need inspections and servicing throughout your vehicle’s life. However, these three services are what most drivers know their vehicles will definitely need.

What about all of that other maintenance services your vehicle might need – the stuff that most of us don’t really know about, or don't want to deal with knowing about? That’s where Camarillo Car Care can help!


We’ve committed our staff to the concept of understanding your vehicle’s needs. Those needs become even more essential as vehicles age and acquire mileage. We’ve learned through experience that every vehicle is unique, and that all vehicles have different service intervals. Even identical vehicles purchased at the same time and that contain the same equipment will have different maintenance needs depending on driving habits, miles driven, road conditions, and time. Vehicle manufacturers' recommended service intervals are based on common driving habits in common conditions. We all know that driving in Southern California isn’t a common condition, and that some recommendations may not apply to your driving circumstances. You may be a retiree who rarely uses his or her vehicle, or maybe you have a soccer family that can tally hundreds of miles a day. Either way, our staff is trained to understand your driving habits, the ways in which you use your vehicle, and how often you drive it. This information allows Camarillo Car Care to create the best maintenance plan for your vehicle and yourpocketbook.

Brake Inspection

Our goal is to help you and your vehicle avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs (that could have been avoided), and to retain your vehicle’s value.

Visit Camarillo’s most-awarded Auto Repair Facility and let us help you create a maintenance schedule that is best for YOU, not your vehicle's manufacturer!


Tires and Wheels
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