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Why do I need and Alignment?

Wheel Alignment

A vehicle having an Alignment
performed at Camarillo Car Care Center.

We all know what causes our bodies to get worn down. Stress, heavy impact activities and poor posture can all lead to a visit to the chiropractor. Your vehicle also endures daily situations that lead to stress on the bolts and nuts, which keep it aligned and rolling down the road. Every day wear and tear, such as hard stops and starts, road conditions, abrupt turns, potholes and curb checks can all lead to subtle movements in your vehicle’s alignment settings over time. A simple Computerized Wheel Alignment may be the one, which is necessary to correct these specifications and have your vehicle rolling down the road straight.

What does a proper alignment do?

The alignment settings on your vehicle are designed to keep the angles of the wheels, so that they are parallel to each other’s and perpendicular to the ground. This maximizes the life of your tires and endures straight driving on the road. If your alignment settings aren’t aligned, you may find your car veering to one side and it can cause wear and tear on tires. If you notice your vehicle doing either of these, it’s time to have an alignment.

There are two types of alignments but the most common and probably the one you’ve heard of before is a “Front wheel alignment”. It includes aligning the front wheels of the vehicle. Over time, the weight of the vehicle wears on the suspension of the steering parts of the vehicle causing excessive movement in the bolts and nuts that keep the front wheel alignment settings in order.

The second type of alignment is a “four wheel alignment”. These alignments consist of both the front and rear wheel alignment settings which can be adjust. Typically, most front wheel drive vehicles and smaller compact cars have four Wheel alignment settings. Most trucks and sport utility vehicles which are well equipped with only front wheel alignment adjustments.

Typically, the best time to have your vehicle aligned is after you’ve replaced the tires. You’ll want to protect your investment by making sure your tires are running down the road straight. Where can you get the best alignment inCamarillo? Our Company just installed a Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System.

This equipment is manufactured by the world’s leader in alignment equipment and it allows us to align vehicles with the most precise and accurate specifications to date. No other repair facility in Camarillo has this new of aligners.

Doing maintenance of your vehicles is like doing the same to your body, which will pay dividends when it comes to protecting your investment. Balance and realignment services are cost effective and usually don’t require an extended amount of time to complete either. Similar to taking small steps to better health, the next time you drive your vehicle around off-balance or misaligned, it will prevent you from driving on highways or road which will cause bigger issues to your body.

If you’re looking for a Camarillo WheelAlignment… Camarillo Car Care Center is the best place to look!


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