The Rainy Season is Not Over for Camarillo!

Imagine this: You’re driving through the pouring rain, struggling to see where you’re going. Suddenly, your car feels as if it’s gliding above the road – and you realize you have no control over it.

It’s called hydroplaning. A thin layer of water builds up under your tires and they lose contact with the road, causing your car to slide like a sled. It can be terrifying. Here are a few preventive steps to help avoid hydroplaning:

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated and that they have enough tread; that helps dissipate water and keeps the tire connected to the road.
  • Slow down. Speeding is a major factor in hydroplaning.
  • Drive in the middle lanes on multilane roads to avoid puddles, which can be deeper than they look.

If you find yourself hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas, and gently turn the wheel in the direction of the skid. Try to glide until you feel the road again. If you must put on the brakes, do so with a light pulsation motion. If your car has antilock brakes, apply a light but steady pressure.


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